Unfortunately Ely Family Dental is not accepting new adult patients at this time. We are at full capacity with our current patient load, and remain committed to a standard of care that prohibits us from accommodating even emergency cases among people who are not already established patients of our practice. 

If you seek to establish dental care we are happy to take your name, phone number, address, and any dental insurance information you may have; we can add you to a list to contact if circumstances change. 

If you have an urgent dental concern, consider making an appointment with your general physician or visiting the emergency room. 

A Word from Dr. Chopp

My goal as a dentist is to help all of those in need; to create better oral health as well as overall health in our community and beyond. Patient comfort is my number one goal. While individual wellness is of paramount importance, I am also deeply invested in community wellness. This is why I will always accept state-funded insurances. Everyone deserves care and access to care. Furthermore, my drive to support community wellness compels me to give back in other ways. Our team at Ely Family Dental strives to do what we can to support community-led and community-supporting initiatives. We are here for you.

Crystal Chopp

Doctor of Dental Surgery