High-tech and beautiful equipment, wonderful staff. I feel very well taken-care-of. I have had about 10 fillings and a crown, so far. Treatments have held up well and my teeth are happy!

Zach H

I have more dental visits ahead of me, which I am actually looking forward to. Crystal Chopp, DDS, has been a blessing to me. She is taking very good care of me and has inspired me to take better care of the teeth I have left. And she has been a wonderful person I have come to know in my life. Thank you, Doc!

Richard KAdministrative

I cannot say enough praise to Dr. Chopp and her team at Ely Family Dental! I needed some extensive dental work and have a fairly high level of “dental phobia.” Dr. Chopp and her team helped alleviate my fears and got me through the procedure. The exceptional level of Dr. Chopp’s knowledge, skill, and competence is enhanced by the depth of her compassion, true caring, and gentleness. Her team of hygienists and assistants are top-notch and create an atmosphere of competence, calmness, and trust. Our town is truly blessed to have a provider of her caliber. Ely Family Dental is the S.W.A.T. Team of Ely:


Anonymous PatientAdministrative